Leesboro Elementary School

Walking the corridors of Jonny Chronic’s facility, it’s easy to feel a sense of nostalgia. It is a former elementary school, after all. The block walls are mostly still here; the traditional Terrazzo flooring has been faithfully restored; and the timeworn “PRINCIPAL” brass plate has been lifted from its original desk, finding a place of honour above the door of Jonny Chronic’s founder Rob O’Neills’ office.

Down the main administration hallway, in a former classroom, they’ve kept the original blackboard. It’s actually green, like most blackboards back in the day, when Rob and his brothers and sister attended this school.

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our job recruiters are great believers in specialization and focus

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Our Passionate Team

Still, more reminders are present in the production room where the former school’s team emblem is protected behind Plexiglas. The Lancers won their share of games, no doubt. But here, they command the room and invoke a sense of playful irreverence that you can hear and feel throughout the facility.

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We are continuously adapting to industries

The laughter and kidding around that echo through the halls of today’s Leesboro school aren’t children. It’s the JC Green team. Each one enjoying an almost child-like enthusiasm, having the time of their lives working in this remarkable place. But it’s serious work here as they cultivate a remarkably varied crop of prime genetics, culled from local, national and even more exotic locales.

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